2023 Events


Event Location Date
Anime Los Angeles Long Beach, CA January 5 - 8
Sugoi Saturday Anaheim, CA January 22
Anime Impulse San Diego Del Mar, CA March 18 - 19
SakuraCon Seattle, WA April 7 - 9
AniFest Torrance, CA April 8
Fangaea San Diego, CA April 29
TouhouFest Torrance, CA April 29 - 30
Zotcon Irvine, CA May 21
Anime Riverside Riverside, CA May 28 - 29
Triton Gaming Expo San Diego, CA May 28 - 29
Anime Impulse Bay Area San Mateo, CA July 29 - 30
Anime Matsuri Houston, TX August 10 - 13
San Japan 14 San Antonio, TX September 1 - 3
Anime Impulse Orange County Anaheim, CA September 2 - 3
Ronin Expo Little Tokyo, CA

October 21

Anime Pasadena Pasadena, CA

November 4 - 5

Anime Expo Chibi Ontario, CA  November 11 - 12
Anime NYC New York City, NY November 17 - 19
Anime Los Angeles  Long Beach, CA January 4 - 7


How long have you been drawing?

I started drawing on August 2019. I've never had any previous experience with drawing before that time. Maybe one or two Kirby doodles!

What software/hardware do you use for drawing?

Hardware: XP-PEN Artist 24 Pro

Software: Clip Studio Paint, Blender, and PureRef

What do you do other than drawing?

I like playing Gacha Games, like Arknights and Genshin. I haven't been playing as much recently, though!

Do you have an online shop?

This website WILL be my online shop, but it's still in the works as of right now~